Case Study Information

  • Project Name:Osmium - Disability Services.
    Supply, Maintain & Repair.
  • Industry: Retail Sector
  • Complete: Date: 23/02/2015
  • Type: SCN Solution
  • Resources:Jira was used as the development tool providing an Agile methodology, the core programming language was PHP, JavaScrip, HTML & CSS. The data based used was MySQL.
    The devises used by the business were Desktop computers and Laptops, these were upgraded to Android Tablets.

Statement of Requirement

A Statement of Requirement was carried out to provide a clear understanding of the client’s needs. This was later converted to a Technical Specification to calculate timeline, structured design, and development. A client server architecture was configured, a related set of scripts applied for the application platform. The selected integrated account package was agreed as Xero. The handshaking functionality included both sales and purchased transactions. Maintenance records included the commissioning and ongoing annual maintenance documentation which was implemented via the tables in the retail stores and on the mobile vans.


The predominant activity of the business was in the sales of Mobile Scooters, Stairlifts and Wheel Chairs, this was followed by maintenance work carried out at the customers home. The modulated infrastructure below provides the workflows. Each workflow group was built on a defined set of functions, providing effective and efficient implementation of the code.

  • Module A 1 of 3
  • Dashboard
  • Sales
  • Maintenance
  • Rental
  • Module B 2 of 3
  • Buying Register
  • Purchases
  • Inventory
  • Reports
  • Module C 3 of 3
  • Human Resource
  • Accounts
  • Business Admin
  • Support

The application is operational on a tablet and it is used in both the retail stores and the offsite maintenance services resulting in two technological infrastructures being needed. The Android Platform was used for the maintenance part of the solution, whiles the inbuilt Web View Technology of the browser was used as a portal interface within the solution.

Testing and Development

The key development made use of JIRA an Agile framework inclusive with Scrum & Kanban, two of the most prominent methodologies under the agile umbrella. Scrum, focused on planning work in short sprints, while Kanban was geared towards the continuous release of sub-modules that could be tested.

Testing is carried out on a test server. Each of the sub-modules were tested by the in-house IT team and selected users of the module, this allowed for rapid adjustments in the workflow should it be needed. Once all sub-modules were completed the main Module was installed. Integration into the associated software (i.e., Xero) processes of the original software applications was achieved using Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) routines for data transfer.