Barium24 ERP SaaS Solution

BARIUM24 an ERP Warehouse SaaS Solution

Barium24 is the product name of our ERP Warehouse Solution supplied as a SaaS Application. Just like our brand name and logo we aim to offer high quality forever software. Applications are designed and developed using the latest agile technology and methodologies.

Barium24 ERP Warehouse Solution incorporates SaaS (software), PaaS (platform), IaaS (Infrastructure) the solution is mounted on a standalone portal which is linked to the Aeternum Software Hub

Barium24 Atomic is a standalone Warehouse Management Solution and used as a plugin for 4 of our key solutions Argon, Boron, Cobalt & Neon.

Whats in the Box?

Check it Out!

Barium24 SaaS is a full ATOMIC Solution. Designed as a flexible integratable modulated application that acts as a standalone solution. It can be pluged into Argon, Boron, Cobalt and Neon providing a more integrated SaaS Solution.

The Menu shows the list of functions available.
  1. Dashboard Interface for each type of user
  2. Procurement
  3. Purchasing
  4. Warehouse Management
  5. Reports
  6. Inhouse Administation
  7. User Profiles

Some of the Benefits

Great Customer Service.
  1. Barium24 offers multiple currencies. [Sterling, US Dollars, Euros]
  2. Account status. [ Traffic Light icons for financial assurance]
  3. Discount options for early settlement or volume purchases.
  4. Customer Stock Requests. [ Direct access to listed products]
  5. Customer own activities Library.
Procurement Maintained with ease.
  1. Populate and updated Buying List with CSV file.
  2. Multiple Product types.
  3. Price Management.
  4. Bar Coding.
  5. Vendor Contract Management.
Stock Management Tracking.
  1. Inventory monitoring from purchase to consumption.
  2. Rate of Turn, Out of Date Stock, Damages Reporting.
  3. Search Inventory by locations, Part Number or Description.
  4. Restructure the storages structure of your storage.
  5. Full Stock Takes or by locations.

Barium24 Key Features

Barium24 offers a Supply Chain Execution SaaS solution base on our Modules that build a full Integrated ERP solution.

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) can be delivered as a standalone system providing delivery from procurement to purchasing followed by full warehouse and distribution. We also incorporate a customer’s sale platform and employee’s module this completes with a full range of reporting.

Barium24 is designed not only to integrate with Argon, Boron, Cobalt and Neon but we can provide a set of APIs to integrate with most businesses.

To get a clear understanding of Barium24 have a look at our videos.

Procurement & Purchasing
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Warehouse & Distribution
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Sales Reports Employees
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Barium24 Atomic Warehouse SaaS Solution

The Barium24 SaaS solution offers some Unique Selling Points (USPs).
Additions that are availabel

  1. Direct Purchasing Channel for B2B
    1. Allow direct stock requests for customers. This gives your customers direct access to available stock just like B2C.
    2. Quotation validation based on stock status
      1. if it is in stock its yours
      2. out of stock book on forward ordering
    3. if we don’t stock it we find it, get the best price and delivery
  2. Create multiple Warehouses and manage your total stock via one set of grouped links
  3. Asset mobilisation and demobilisation to jobs ensuring they meet business standards when booked out and returned in.
Barium24 not just a warehouse but today’s warehouse that can be integrated to your business needs.

Innovative and competitive Pricing

Easy to use for both SMEs & Large -Scale Enterprises

  1. Licensed Modules - Procurement, Purchasing, Warehouse Management & Tools, Reports plus full inhouse administration.
  2. Platform - Your Own Client Portal providing SaaS services for Server Infrastructure and Platform fully maintained.
  3. Usage Based - 10 users per package, additional users can be added as required using the inhouse administration.
Barium24-Atomic starts at £599 per month

Barium24-Connect! offers integration with your current software! give us a call if that works better for you.