Our Cloud Base Buisiness Solutions

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They provide a lot of Benefits for our Customers.

  1. Development Times Saving. - Solutions are already installed and configured.
  2. Low Cost Base. - Hardware & Software license costs are low when compared to traditional models.
  3. Scalable & Integrational. - Flexibility enables you to scale your SaaS solution based on your needs.
  4. Maintenance & Upgrades. - Maintenance costs are reduced as they are incluuded in the environment.
  5. Changing plans. - Users can do proof-of-concepts by testing the software functionality or a new feature in advance.

All of our Packages include both LaaS & PaaS with your own Portal and full support from the Aeternum Hub.

Our Best Sellers

ARGON Quotations, Tracking, HR, Reports & Timesheet Management.

SaaS for Tendering and Complex Quotations plus Job Management.

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Argon offers a Lite or Full solutions. by adding Sales, Procurement, Warehousing & deployment as integrated addons.

BARIUM Procurement, Purchasing, Warehouse Managment & Distribution.

Excellent SaaS Solution for all sizes of Businesses.

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Built with a bank of unique features & Benefits designed base on Chemical Industry.

BORON Perfect for Equipment Deployment, Tracking Assets & Consumption on Jobs.

SaaS Deployment & Returns made easy.

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Tracking equipment can be difficult when deploying to big jobs, not with this SaaS solution.

CERIUM HR That's Different Managing Employees & Sub Contractors Certifications

SaaS HR with Integration of Timesheet Management & In-house Training.

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This SaaS module is a great plugin for solutions such as Recruitment, Training or Timesheet Managment

COBALT Lifting Gear & Drop Objects Inspection Solution Based on our 4C's

Complete SaaS Solution for 3rd Party and In-House Maintenance Teams.

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Tested Proof of Concept with Iridium Perfect for the Oil & Gas Industry.

NEON 10 SaaS Software Solutions in one
Complete ERP Package.

SaaS for the Business Growing
Build your growth at your own pace.

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A flexible modular solution that can be adjusted to fit a number of SME's & Enterprises.

Coming Soon

Our Work in Process


Additional Disciplines

We are adding to our COBALT solution two new disciplines. the first is NDT, this will link up with LOLER Inspections. The second is an EX inspection solution.


An Innovative HR Tool

We are adding to our CERIUM HR Solution. The flexability of this SaaS solution means we can add Timesheet Management & an Internal Trainig Solution.


Adding Flutter for our Apps

Flutter transforms the app development process. Build, test, and deploy beautiful mobile, web, desktop, and embedded apps from a single codebase.