ARGON SaaS Solution

ARGON an MRP SaaS Solution

Argon is the product name of our MRP Solution supplied as a SaaS Application. Just like our brand name and logo we aim to offer high quality forever software. Applications are designed and developed using the latest agile technology and methodologies. Argon MRP Solution incorporates SaaS (software), PaaS (platform), IaaS (Infrastructure) the solution is mounted on a standalone portal which is linked to the Aeternum Software Hub
There are two types of Argon:

  1. Argon Connect: Designed to stand alongside a customer’s current system.
  2. Argon Atomic: Designed as a total solution

Our integrated SaaS Elements can be viewed on Barium & Cerium.
All our SaaS solutions include a Full Ticketing Support System plus 24/7 365 were needed. Each solution has its own server platform full maintained and provides a Business Administration Module to manage your application.

Whats in the Box?

Our Argon Connect Package is base on the following modulated processes.

  1. Dashboard Interface
  2. Customer Management
  3. Quotations & Planning tool
  4. Job Creation & Tracking
  5. Finace Reporting
  6. System Admin & Support Services

Prefer a full MRP Solution?

Argons integrated SaaS elements offer a complete MRP solution.

  1. WHPack gives you:
    Procurement, Purchasing & Warehouse Managment
  2. CHRPack gives you:
    Customer Managment & Human Resource
  3. BSPack gives you:
    24/7 Suport & Inhouse System Admin

Argon Connect Key Features

  • Dashboard
    1. Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
    2. Customer Transparency.
    3. Quotation & Job Status Tracking.
  • Reports Tracker
    1. Current Status of active projects.
    2. Project change requests & adjustment.
    3. Legal or Standards updates.
  • Financial Reports
    1. Projects finalcial monitoring.
    2. Labour cost base and utilisation.
    3. Equipment cost base, rental & 3rd party.
  • Planning Board
    1. Utilisation of Labour.
      1. In-house asignment of team
      2. Employmet of contractors.
    2. Purchase & Stock of Materials Required.
      1. Procurement quotations for material specials.
      2. Current Stocked materials monitoting.
    3. Equipment Requirment.
      1. Capital Asset Deployment for project.
      2. Rental of Equipment for project
      3. 3rd Party Rental or Hire of equipment.
  • Quotation Builder
    1. Phases.
      1. General Information.
      2. Introduction.
      3. Scope of Work.
      4. Terms & Conditions.
      5. Risk %.
      6. With Held Tax.
      7. Legal Entity Type
      8. Covered Area for Tax.
    1. AA - Stock Requirments.
    2. Take Of List Materials.
    3. Stock List Consumption.
    4. BB - 3rd Party Retal items.
    5. CC - Labour Requirement.
    6. Utilisation of Staff.
    7. Contractor Staff
    8. 3rd Party service Provision.

Argon Atomic

Argon Atomic includes a fuller SaaS solution by the incorporation of three additional SaaS Solutions.

  1. Barium SaaS solution, this is a fantastic Warehouse SaaS solution, it has a range of key application modules which works for most businesses.
    1. A full Procurement infrastructure, supplier listing with MSA, cost management and approval process.
    2. Purchase order application that includes an approvals workflow of materials request> vendor quotes>purchase orders>goods receiving.
    3. Stock Management tools providing warehouse spatial management, stock checks by storage location, in-house transfers, sales, rental, and consumption.
  2. Cerium SaaS solution, an innovative Human Resource SaaS Solution. Designed to meet the needs of businesses that handle large scale employees and contractors who have to meet standards in their selected industry.
    1. Register Employees, in this process focus I given to employee skill sets and the related disciplines.
    2. Complete Management of certification skill set via the Gap Analysis Report.
    3. Search tool to identify employee’s availability for required projects.
    4. Assignment Protocols for project management utilising employees.
    5. Self-employed management tools for managing legal requirements, timesheets on jobs and invoicing.
  3. Self-Management Tool, all our SaaS Solutions can be provided with your own Portal linked into the Aeternum Hub. This freedom allows our customer to manage a substantial amount of the SaaS application whilst still receiving a full 24/7 365 support package.
    1. Portal Management, this provides a flexible dedicated server that includes both SaaS Infrastructure & SaaS platform designed specifically for Argon.
    2. Scalable & Integrational, the flexibility of the portal enables you to scale your SaaS solution based on your needs. Allowing minimum cost impact as the business grows.
    3. Service Level Agreements are used to identify the level of support management that may be needed.
    4. In-house Administration Tool, this provided the ability to change significant modules within the application. If the solution includes the use of Tablets as well and Desktop Computers, then the maintenance updating is monitored via the Aeternum Hub.
    5. Aeternum Hub, this is the heart of our business and monitored 24/7 365. All our customer get access to their account here. The facilities of the hub include Billing, Online Support, Knowledge Centre, Upgrading, Licence Changing and Portal Status.

As Barium & Cerium are also standalone SaaS Solutions you can view the demon by adding them to your demo request.

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