Boron24 ERP SaaS Solution

Asset Hire & Rental Solution.

Just like our brand name and logo we aim to offer high quality forever software. Applications are designed and developed using the latest agile technology and methodologies. Boron24 ERP Solution incorporates SaaS (software), PaaS (platform), IaaS (Infrastructure) the solution is mounted on a standalone server portal which is linked to the Aeternum Software Hub with maintenance and support.
Boron24’s Innovative SaaS solution includes procurement, purchasing & full asset warehouse and deployment management.

There are two types of Boron:

  1. Boron24 Atomic: Designed as a total solution with additional plugins.
  2. Baron24 Connect: Designed to integrate into a customer’s current systems.

Boron24 Hire & Rental of Assets Sollution

Atomic Boron24

Boron24 was designed as a completed business solution for a number of industry. It is aimed at companies growing or upgrading to move away from organizational silos and improve business performance.

Boron24 Atomic SaaS Package follows a five-tear workflow grouping processes whilst installing the modulated packages. This process allows for a block set of adoptions based on dependencies, at the same time the business can add the population data and implement staff training.

  1. Customer & Staff Management
  2. Procurement & Purchasing
  3. Warehouse & Deployment Workshop
  4. Stock, Finance & Customer Reports
  5. System Admin & Support Services

All our SaaS solutions include a Full Ticketing Support System plus 24/7 365 were needed. Each customer app has there own server platform fully maintained and provides a Business Administration Module to manage the application.

Connect with Boron24

Connect makes use of the business’s current software utilities.
We offer a set of API links, these are special url links formatted in json and parsed to provide data structures that integrates into the related modules.

A lot of businesses may already have software such as CRM for their customer of HR for inhouse staff. We would therefore set up an API to link the related customer requirements ware possible into the app.

Self-Management Tool

All our SaaS Solutions are provided with your own Portal linked into the Aeternum Hub. This freedom allows our customer to manage a substantial amount of the SaaS application whilst still receiving a full 24/7 365 support package.


  1. Aeternum Hub, this is the heart of our business and monitored 24/7 365. All our customer get access to their account here. The facilities of the hub include Billing, Online Support, Knowledge Centre, Upgrading, Licence Changing and Portal Status.
  2. Portal Management, this provides a flexible dedicated server that includes both SaaS Infrastructure & SaaS platform designed specifically for the application.
  3. In-house Administration Tool, this provided the ability to change significant modules within the application. If the solution includes the use of Tablets as well and Desktop Computers, then the maintenance updating is monitored via the Aeternum Hub.

Boron24 is designed for businesses that provide Asset Equipment to be used for one-time or long-term rental/leasing. The system manages dispatching of the assets which are fully tracked when being assigned to a job. The system includes in the warehouse an inhouse workshop providing a CMMS tool validating the required certification of the assets. By tracking the activity of the assets the system creates a full utilisation reporting suite which helps to optimise the lifespan of the company’s assets.

Key Features & Benefits

  1. CRMS supporting customer
  2. Certifcation for inhouse staffing
  3. Complete Procurement Suite
  4. integrated PO Management system
  5. Fullstock Management Warehouse
  6. Deployment Workshop for Assets
  1. Complete Stock Mangement tools
  2. Global and Distribution Warehousing
  3. Finance Reporting Asset & Projects
  4. Self Managed Flexable Portal
  5. Auto Updating Security for Server.
  6. Suport Ticketing System.

To get a clear understanding of Boron24 have a look at our videos.
Integration with your current business platform can be done.

Procurement & Purchasing
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Procurement & Purchasing

Warehouse & Distribution
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Warehouse & Distribution

Sales Reports Employees
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Sales Reports Employees

Boron24 Atomic Asset Hire SaaS Solution

Why not add a Warehouse (WHM) or a Human Resorces (HR) SaaS solution to your requirments, they have a lot to offer!

  1. Barium24 SaaS solution:- offers a Supply Chain Execution Solution based on Modules that where fully designed to Integrated into an ERP solution. Our Multi-Warehouse Management System (WMS) can be delivered as a single or Multi-Warehouse suitable for B2B or B2C customers.
    1. A full Procurement infrastructure, supplier listing with MSA, cost management and approval process.
    2. Purchase order application that includes an approvals workflow of:- materials request--> vendor quotes--> purchase orders & goods receiving.
    3. Stock Management tools providing warehouse spatial management, stock checks by storage location, in-house transfers, sales, rental, and consumption.

    To find out more about Barium24 (click the link) or add it to your demo request.

  2. Cerium24 SaaS solution, an innovative Human Resource SaaS Solution. Designed to meet the needs of businesses that handle large scale employees and contractors who have to meet standards in their selected industry.
    1. Register Employees, in this process focus I given to employee skill sets and the related disciplines.
    2. Complete Management of certification skill set via the Gap Analysis Report.
    3. Search tool to identify employee’s availability for required projects.
    4. Assignment Protocols for project management utilising employees.
    5. Self-employed management tools for managing legal requirements, timesheets on jobs and invoicing.

To find out more about Cerium24 (click the link) or add it to your demo request.

Innovative and competitive Pricing

Easy to use for both SMEs & Large -Scale Enterprises

  1. Licensed Modules - Sales, HR, Procurement, Purchasing, Warehouse Management & Tools, Deployment Workshop, Reports plus full inhouse administration.
  2. Platform - Your Own Client Portal providing SaaS services for Server Infrastructure and Platform fully maintained.
  3. Usage Based - 10 users per package, additional users can be added as required using the inhouse administration.
Boron24-Atomic starts at £995 per month

Boron24-Connect! offers integration with your current software! give us a call if that works better for you.