CERIUM SaaS Solution

Cerium a Flexable HR SaaS Solution.

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Whats in the Box?

Some of the Benefits

Cerium Key Features

Barium offers a Supply Chain Execution SaaS solution base on our Modules that build a full Integrated ERP solution.

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) can be delivered as a standalone system providing delivery from procurement to purchasing followed by full warehouse and distribution. We also incorporate a customer’s sale platform and employee’s module this completes with a full range of reporting.

Barium is designed not only to integrate with Argon, Boron, Cobalt and Neon but we can provide a set of APIs to integrate with most businesses.

To get a clear understanding of Barium have a look at our videos.

Procurement & Purchasing
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Warehouse & Distribution
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Sales Reports Employees
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Cerium Atomic Flexable HR SaaS Solution

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