Cerium24 SaaS Solution

Certification Management & Tracking Solution.

Cerium24 is designed to support the management of employees skillsets that are essential to ensuring their customers that the required competencies are up to date when assigning qualified staff to projects. Cerium24 is a standalone modular based solution which can be plugged into an existing HR system, provides an inntergrated resource for the registration and management of inhouse employees and sub-contractors.

Cerium24's Innovative SaaS solution includes Full Registration, Self-Care usabillity,Search By Skill Set just to quote a few.

There are two types of Cerium:

  1. Cerium24 Atomic: Designed as a total solution with additional plugins.
  2. Cerium24 Connect: Designed to integrate into a customer’s current systems.

Whats in the Box?

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Cerium24 can be used as the registration and management of inhouse employees and sub-contractors.

The Menu shows the list of functions available.In the first stage the solution provides a simple registration form. The employee is added to a database list only, unless the “Self-Care” option is set to ‘Yes’ the default setting is ‘No’

Once an employee is registered the HR administrator can add to the employee record the following details: -

  1. Personal Details (added during the registration process)
  2. Next of Kin
  3. Transportation & Passport Details
  4. Medical Details
  5. Disciplines (Competency Skill Base)
  6. Certification (off/ shore Certs & Contractor Certification requirements)

Some of the Benefits

This is a user default status which gives access to the employee of the data held. This also allows the Employee user to manage their own certification records, any changes are notified to the HR Administrator automatically and reflected in the system dashboard.

In-house users
belong to a department, a department has a set of permissions related to the department’s activity. The system administrator can adjust the permission of both the department and individuals within a department.

Search by Skill Set.
This allows an in-house user who has this permission to search the employee register (both users and none users) based on a requested skill. The solution uses the disciplines as the look up criteria, when setting the criteria, the user can use multiple skill sets. Once the criteria is met the list can be downloaded or printed off.

Assign a user to a Project.
This is a follow up from the search by Skill Set. The solution provided a form-based interface that accommodates the simple recording of a project, the recorded data interface is located under Business Management.

Cerium24 Key Features

Cerium24's logic is based on the registration of a labour list for business use. The primary aim is to ensure that the certifications of competencies are recorded and maintained. Sub-Contractors are separated from In-house Personnel and Self Care status is added giving access to the data held by the business. The system will provide login credential for access to the individuals HR record only.

Gap Analysis.
This is an automated process and deals sole with the competencies of a registration entry. The process is the monitoring of certification status, the notification of the status to both the business and the owner of the certificate. The application uses a traffic light notifcation of Green, Amber, Red for current status and Black for certification which is archived.

Skill Set Management Tool.
Searching for an employee with a given skill set can be time consuming and more so if more than one skill required on one person.

  1. Filter the Employee List by project skill set requirements.
  2. Flag employees that are suitable the project.
  3. Validate the availability of the employee.
  4. Assign the employee to the project.

To get a clear understanding of Cerium have a look at our videos.

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Gap Analysis & Skill Set Managment
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Reports Employees
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Cerium24 Certification Managment & Tracking

When our Atomic versions of Cerium24 is your choice, we provide a full business solution linked to our platform as
a Certification Tracking Software Solution.

Cerium24 can be used as a plugin solution when using Cerium24 Connect, this provides a set of integration tools that link with the
primary business software of your business.

Cerium24 Atomic provides a flexible opportunity to engage in a range of business variances that can broaden the scope of services.
As the data held is specific to given skill sets it may provide:-

  1. Recruitment.
  2. Certification Management.
  3. In-House Training.

We are all ways interested to work with businesses in joint ventures

Innovative and competitive Pricing

Cerium24 Atomic is ideal for startup businesses as well as for mature companies. The flexibility of our platform can help support the growth of the business in a number of directions.

Prices are based on User Usage

  1. Bronze:-  £2.00 per person per Month.
  2. Silver:-    £4.00 per person per Month.
  3. Gold:-     £6.00 per person per month.
Cerium24 Connect is designed to integrate with a client’s software. Pricing is based on the integration of the plugins and user usage, please contact us for any information you may require.